Gaia Riverlodge is located in the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, sitting atop the Five Sisters Waterfalls and offering stunning views over forest, waterfalls and the river.

    The lodge has its own organic garden that supplies the majority of vegetables used in our kitchen. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, The Five Sisters Restaurant at Gaia serves Belizean and International cuisine with the use of tropical fruits and vegetables, fused with Belizean spices and a twist of international flavors.

     Our garden products is harvested by Sam, a traditional Maya farmer from the neighboring village of; San Antonio. Which is a large farming community. As his father owned a farm, Sam got his first experiences in the importance of agriculture at a very young age. Sam oversees the organic garden at Gaia Riverlodge, maintaining and collecting fresh produce daily and studying the seasons. Our organic garden continues to flourish and grow, with the addition of newly raised gardening beds for greater production. Top soil, richer in nutrients is brought to Gaia Riverlodge to use in the organic garden. The natural red soil of the Pine Ridge Forest is generally poor in fertility and therefore cannot be used for successful farming. The added organic compost developed using traditional methods by Sam and his ancestors results in healthy and rich growth. A drip irrigation system is used as the organic garden’s watering system, this allows for great conservation of water, and ensures each plant type gets the proper amount.

      On-site, Sam is producing bell-peppers, zucchinis, tomatoes, lettuce, eggplants, cabbages, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, habaneros and an assortment of seasonal herbs and fruits. All this produce can be enjoyed fresh at the Five Sisters Restaurant. In addition, boxes of fresh produce are carefully picked and packaged for transport across the Caribbean Sea and landing in Ambergris Caye, as the organic garden at Gaia Riverlodge also produces fresh vegetables for our sister property Matachica Resort and Spa. One can enjoy the same great, freshly harvested and organic produce of the Cayo District at Mambo, something unique by itself.

    The work of Sam and the team is highly demanding, as they are responsible for consistent quality of all produce used in both our properties. They unknowingly exceed the expectations of many guest tables. The group of farmers carry their tradition and knowledge with pride, becoming one with the land and moon, and with great love for their agricultural practices. As they continue to expand and develop the organic garden using traditional methods, our guests can also tour the garden with Sam and learn about his plans on maintaining a sustainable dining experience at Gaia Riverlodge and Matachica Resort and Spa.