What safety guidelines/protocols are GAÏA Riverlodge putting in place for the safety of their guests and staff?

Our secluded location and design, consisting of private casitas and cabanas and open-air common spaces, inherently allow for social distancing. In addition, we are implementing enhanced security, sanitization, and safety protocols. GAÏA Riverlodge will only reopen upon completing the Gold Standard Certification process, a rigorous program governed by the Belize Tourism Board, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism of the Government of Belize. The Gold Standard Certification seeks to ensure the health and safety of citizens and international travellers and tourists.   As a leading resort in the country,  GAÏA Riverlodge is committed to ensuring enhanced safety standards beyond the Gold Standard Certification and we will continue to reevaluate and update our standards as suggested by the Government of Belize.  It is our top priority to create a safe and healthy environment for staff and visitors. For further details on the protocols outlined in the Gold Standard Certification program and the procedures GAÏA Riverlodge is implementing, kindly see here.

Can I book spa appointments at GAÏA

Yes, spa appointments will be available. Temperatures will be checked and logged before entering the spa, and some services involving close contact with the nose and mouth (i.e. facials), may not be available at this time.

What happens if I contract COVID-19 during my stay?

If COVID-19 is suspected or confirmed, you and other members of your party that you have been in close contact with will required to self-isolate in your designated room. Unless you develop symptoms that require medical attention, you will be kept onsite, and staff will attend to your needs with food deliveries, clean towels, hygiene items, etc.  The Minister of Health will be contacted, and contract tracing will be deployed. You will have to stay isolated for two weeks and receive two negative COVID-19 tests, before the quarantine measures may be lifted. Costs incurred during that period will be at your own expense. If you purchase the Belize insurance, you will be covered.


Where is GAÏA located?

Gaia Riverlodge is located in the heart of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, located approximately 1-hour drive from the nearest twin towns of San Ignacio/Santa Elena. This remote area is popularly known for its rivers & creeks, mountain scenery, impressive waterfalls, cave systems and the famous archeological site, Caracol. The location allows you to experience Caribbean Pine Forest as well as Broadleaf Jungle.

What is the weather like?

Belize’s climate is tropical all year long, so there will be sunny and rainy days and maybe a combination of both. June to November is the Caribbean Hurricane Season and you have to expect more showers. How much it will rain during a particular period, or come to that if any at all, we are of course not able to predict, especially since weather patterns have been changing significantly over the last few years. Please note that nights from November to March can be cool in the mountains and it is a good idea to bring a wrap, jacket or long-sleeved sweater

What is the age policy?

While we do welcome families with older teens, a minimum age requirement of 10-years for children applies.

Is GAÏA suitable for guests who have limited mobility?

Our location is unique, but we are nestled on the mountain side and there is plenty of walking, uphill and downhill on natural ground surfaces, along with steep steps, involved to get around the lodge. Generally, Gaia is not an ideal location for anyone who has limited mobility or is physically impaired.

Can special dietary requirements be accommodated?

With prior notice, most special dietary requirements can be accommodated. Please share the information at the time of booking. Please note, however, that we are not able to offer Kosher or Halal arrangements.

How long is the transfer from the Belize International Airport to GAÏA Riverlodge?

The drive from the Belize International Airport (Belize City) to Gaia Riverlodge is approximately 3-hours, with one hour on unpaved road. Transfers can be arranged directly with the lodge, via reservations, at info@gaiariverlodge.com.

Of course, you also have the option of renting a vehicle and taking the adventure of driving in Belize. We will be happy to e-mail driving instructions and a map.

When to book tours and activities?

As per our tour policy, all tours and activities are booked/confirmed at the lodge, after your arrival. Tours may be combined with other lodge guests if your itinerary is the same and all tours are subject to change due to weather conditions.

Are bikes complimentary?

Bikes are complimentary to all lodge guests. The front desk will be happy to inform you where they can be located on property.

Do you need to make restaurant reservations?

There is one restaurant onsite which serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, daily. There is no need to make a meal reservation during your stay at the lodge.

Do you have mosquito nets?

All rooms except for the Waterfall View Rooms have a mosquito net which are both functional and decorative.

*Additional beds requested in rooms do not have a mosquito net.

Are adapters for electronic devices needed?

We use the same outlets as the US and Canada and our voltage is also 110V- 120V. For American appliances, there is no need for any adapter or converter. For European appliances there is.

Are there hairdryers in the rooms?

There are no hairdryers in the rooms, but you can borrow one at our front desk.

Is there WIFI?

There is complimentary WIFI in the main building on property, only; and there is also a guest computer with internet access. Please note, though, that there is no WIFI in our rooms.

Is there cell-phone service?

There is no cell phone service at the lodge. However, there is a landline on property at the front desk for emergencies.

Is there a pool?

Gaia Riverlodge is home to the Five Sister’s Waterfalls and we boast the luxury of having a natural swimming pool by the waterfall, rather than a man-made swimming pool.

Is there A/C in the room?

There  are no air conditioned rooms at Gaia Riverlodge, all rooms are fan cooled, only. The lodge is powered by a sustainable hydro-power system that does not support the energy needed to hold A/C units in the rooms, however, with our unique location in the mountains and design of cabanas, the rooms are always relatively cool and even cooler in the nighttime.

Is there a TV in the room?

Our location allows us to highlight all things natural and give our guests an opportunity to disconnect from the concrete world. So there are no appliances or electronics in our rooms. There is actually no TV anywhere in the guest area of the property.

Is there power 24/7?

The lodge is powered by a hydro-battery system and supporting generator that offers 24/7 stable power to all buildings/rooms on property.

Are there safes in the rooms?

All our rooms except the Riverside Villa are equipped with safes for your valuables.

Are there refrigerators in the rooms?

There are no refrigerators in any of the rooms at the lodge, but the Riverside Villa has a fully equipped kitchen. Please note that due to our location close to nature, we strongly advise against storing snacks and sweets in your room to avoid inviting unwanted small visitors.

Are there any other restaurants close by?

The closest neighbor is Blancaneaux Lodge which is about 10 – 15 minutes drive away.

Do you have security for emergencies at night?

There is an experienced night security guard on duty, daily

Is there a minimum age to stay?

Yes, the age minimum is 10 years old, and all minors must be accompanied by an adult