There’s something unique about embracing local experiences and culture when traveling. When you visit a new place, you want to get closer to the people and their traditions to better understand their way of life, and that’s what makes Gaia Riverlodge so extraordinary. At Gaia, our resort embodies local culture, as we celebrate it in every way possible especially through cuisine. As the cacao season comes to a peak, Gaia Riverlodge is all set to welcome guests who flock to Belize to celebrate the iconic Chocolate Festival that takes place in Southern Belize each year. This is the perfect time for chocolate lovers and those who appreciate the unique flavors of cacao to discover Belize.

Explore the Chocolate Festival

One of the annual celebrations that brings visitors from far and wide is the Chocolate Festival. It’s a time when the local chocolatiers come to showcase and sell their products and is an excellent opportunity for travelers to experience authentic Belizean culture and festivities. Indulge in various cacao-based products and enjoy delicious treats such as chocolate bars, hot cocoa, and even cacao-infused savory dishes. The festival also features music, special adventure tours, and cultural performances. This year, the Chocolate Festival is set to take place on May 19th and 20th.

Learn the Art of Chocolate Making

While in Belize, you can’t miss out on an opportunity to learn the art of chocolate making. Gaia Riverlodge is the perfect place to experience it first-hand, as we are located near San Ignacio town, which serves as the cultural hub of Western Belize. At Gaia Riverlodge, we partner with a local Mayan family to provide a culture-rich chocolate-making and tasting tour that takes you to the heart of San Ignacio to learn about the processes used in the production. You’ll explore how cacao pods are harvested, fermented, dried, and roasted before being crafted into the finest chocolate delights. Enjoy the unique opportunity to taste various types of chocolate ranging from dark to white, infused with various flavors. The tour also gives you an insight into the history of chocolate in Belize and its traditional uses. Enjoy a hands-on session with us and delve into the delicious craft of making chocolate from scratch. 

Enjoy a Delicious Maya Margarita at our Bar

After a day filled with adventure or chocolate-themed activities, it’s time to relax and unwind at our cocktail lounge with a special cacao-infused cocktail, our Maya Margarita. A French liqueur, Cointreau, is infused with cacao and brings the perfect balance of sweet and bitter flavor profiles. Its strong orange flavor blends perfectly with freshly squeezed lime and smooth Jose Cuervo Gold. The cacao-infused Cointreau adds a rich and intense chocolate flavor that delights your taste buds like no other.

To enrich the flavors of the margarita, our mixologists add fresh all-spice leaves and Maya chili, which bring subtle warmth and earthiness to the drink. The glass rim is then rolled in Tajin, to give the cocktail an extra pop of flavor. The drink is then topped with a slice of lime, the perfect garnish for this delicious cacao-infused drink.

Embrace the Artistry and Flavors of Cacao Season at Gaia Riverlodge

Experience the magic of Belize’s rich cacao culture and indulge your senses with some of the world’s best chocolate. Gaia Riverlodge is the perfect destination to get a close-up view of the cacao-making process, learn from the locals, and fully immerse yourself in a delicious world of authentic culture. Book your stay with Gaia Riverlodge today and indulge in all the cacao-inspired delights that our stunning resort has to offer. Come, celebrate the rich heritage of Belize, and create memories that will linger on long after your visit.